At a Glance

Spark New Zealand provides digital services to millions of New Zealanders and thousands of New Zealand businesses.

As one of New Zealand's largest listed companies, Spark New Zealand has many responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders, and New Zealand.

Spark New Zealand is made up of a number of core business units, Spark Home, Mobile & Business, Spark Digital, Spark Ventures, and Spark Connect.

In addition, there are a number of flanking brands, including Revera, Appserv and CCL, Cloud computing specialists that together can provide Cloud solutions across the market, Big Pipe and Skinny as value-brands for the broadband and mobile markets respectively, a smart data business called Qrious, Lightbox, an internet TV business and Morepork a home security and smart living business.

Spark New Zealand is the parent company. Spark Home, Mobile & Business provides access to technology in new and innovative ways to help New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses move forward and reach their goals. Spark Digital provides solutions for the rapidly evolving needs of business, enterprise and government clients as they meet the demands of an increasingly globalised, connected and mobile customer base. Spark Ventures will be accelerating the company's future focus and pace of innovation, and delivering new services and businesses such as WiFi, Internet TV and Smart Data analytics.

With the rebranding from Telecom to Spark New Zealand, Spark New Zealand is continuing its focus on becoming a winning business inspired by customers, providing communications, entertainment and IT services over their networks and the cloud, to enable New Zealanders to unleash their full potential. Its aim is to achieve #1 in mobile, #1 in data, and #1 in effortless service and cost. To achieve this, it is investing broadly across its organisation – in people, in new services, products and businesses, in customer service and intelligence, and in digital networks, spectrum and IT platforms - to set itself up for success and for further growth in the future.

Spark New Zealand (then Telecom) was formed in 1987 out of the telecommunications division of the New Zealand Post Office, a government department. In 1990 Spark became one of the first telcos in the world to be fully privatised. On 30 November 2011, Spark New Zealand demerged into two entirely separate, publicly listed companies; a retail services provider (Spark) and a network services operator (Chorus). Structural separation of Spark's retail business from the business that owns and operates the Fibre-To-The-Premise (FTTP) network was a pre-requisite for participation in the Government's Ultra-Fast Broadband scheme (UFB).

Spark has a significant level of operational scale within the New Zealand telecommunications market and provides fixed, mobile and IT products and services to consumer, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), corporate, enterprise and wholesale customer segments.