Latest Dividend

Spark pays dividends on a semi-annual basis. A 75% imputed ordinary dividend of 11 cents per share was declared for H2 FY19, together with a 75% imputed special dividend of 1.5 cents per share.

For FY20, subject to there being no material adverse changes in operating outlook, Spark anticipates paying an annual total dividend of 25 cents per share at least 75% imputed. 

The dividend reinvestment plan remains suspended. 

H2 FY19 Ordinary Dividends H2 FY19 Special Dividends
Dividends declared
Ordinary Shares 11.0 cents 1.5 cents
American Depositary Shares* 35.32 US cents 4.82 US cents
Percentage imputed 75% 75%
Imputation credits per share 3.2083 cents 0.4375 cents
Supplementary dividend per share** 1.4559 cents 0.1985 cents
‘Ex’ dividend dates
New Zealand Stock Exchange 19 Sep 2019 19 Sep 2019
Australian Securities Exchange 19 Sep 2019 19 Sep 2019
American Depositary Shares  19 Sep 2019 19 Sep 2019
Record dates
New Zealand Stock Exchange 20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019
Australian Securities Exchange 20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019
American Depositary Shares  20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019
Payment dates
New Zealand and Australia 4 Oct 2019 4 Oct 2019
American Depositary Shares 15 Oct 2019 15 Oct 2019

*Based on the exchange rate at 16 August 2019 of NZ$1 to US$0.6422 and a ratio of five ordinary shares per one American Depositary Share.  The actual exchange rate used for conversion is determined in the week prior to payment when the Bank of New York Mellon performs the physical currency conversion 

**Supplementary dividends are paid to non-resident shareholders.