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Spark is a word that means life, potential, energy and creativity.  And at Spark that’s what we’re here to do – to help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world.

Spark New Zealand provides digital services to millions of New Zealanders and thousands of New Zealand businesses.

As one of New Zealand's largest listed companies, Spark New Zealand has many responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders, and New Zealand.

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Open 5.25
High 5.30
Low 5.22
Volume 1,089,960
Down -0.05
(Down -0.9%
As at 11:30PM 19/08/2022
Open 16.34
High 16.64
Low 16.34
Volume 18,527
Up 0.32
(Up 2.0%
As at 3:46PM 18/08/2022
Open 4.79
High 4.80
Low 4.73
Volume 279,208
Down -0.09
(Down -1.9%
As at 4:00PM 19/08/2022

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